Title Company Fort Myers Fl

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Title Company Fort Myers Fl

Real estate in Florida gives one the option to use a title insurance company or a real estate attorney. You should think about the benefits you will reap from both before choosing the closing experience. The essential attributes of a title company are that they know the most current regulations and laws in the area. Our firm ensures staff have a constant update of the newest ALTA policies and adopt practices that keep clients in alignment with the procedures.

The FBI details that fraudulent real estate agents were able to divert $1 billion from the industry in 2017. The choice of your title company in Fort Myers FL could make or break your purchase. These agents are responsible for one of the most significant investments in your life. You may want to risk the transaction without an FBI agent or choose one without enough reviews on its exemplary performance. The following will prepare you in hiring the best agent of Title Company.

The duties of a title company

Search the title

The first action is a title search that details all the potential obstacles of the transfer. The search will include the following pointers:

  • Mortgage – The home will always have an ongoing mortgage if the current owner is still in ties with the property. You will have to pay off the amount for the title to be in your name.
  • Restrictions – The agent will expose restrictions that prevent the acquisition of ownership of the property, such as an age limit. Another constraint is an active lease or easement that allows the owner to give out the property for different purposes.
  • Lien – Liens like the home equity line or loan should be complete before you can receive the title. An unfulfilled responsibility like taxes may land the existing owner in legal issues. The agent will protect the buyer’s interests and guide the collection of proceeds by the IRS.
  • Homeowners Association Dues – The amount or rate varies with different HOA contracts. The agent will highlight the best way to handle existing dues from the former owner before proceeding with the transaction.

Property survey

The title company may survey to discover potential encroachments, such as incorrect boundaries and the addition of the neighbor’s property. The infringement becomes a problem when it causes notable damage and nullifies details of the deed. The agent will advise on which situations need an endorsement and which ones are exceptions.

Prepare the abstract

The agent will then prepare the title’s abstract to outline the ownership history and the dates of all transactions. The document is the most reliable way of evaluating the oncoming deal. The title company in Fort Myers FL may include an opinion on whether the seller owns a valid title and the best possible resolutions of any blockages.  

Our agents will reach out to you when you maintain an escrow account for an ongoing search. You can meet on multiple occasions to understand the details and updates of the report. Feel free to contact us for answers on the most disturbing questions of any part of the process.


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