QDRO Drafting

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QDRO Drafting

The divorce process is complex. Miswording and lack of knowledge easily lead to the rejection of legal documents. Moon, Schwartz, and Madden help clients ensure their financial security with QDRO drafting and services targeting a just and fair outcome in a stressful time.

When can I file a QDRO?

The QDRO ensures access to retirement accounts after a divorce. Judges declare a party to be an alternate payee and designate a percentage of a 401k or 403b as part of a settlement.

Lawyers draft these documents on behalf of clients. These documents succeed or fail based on many factors such as the well-being of both parties and the size of the account.

Should I draft my own QDRO?

Court cases and divorces run on legally approved documents. Avoiding errors, perfect grammar, and undeniable facts are crucial to any order.

It is inadvisable to draft your own QDRO. Even a simple mistake can lead to rejection. Lawyers are specially trained to provide the right information in the right format. More than 50 percent of self-represented parties fail to obtain favorable outcomes.

Finding qualified help to create a QDRO

As with any legal services, obtaining the right help matters most. Every document must be crafted with care or risk being rejected.

Moon, Schwartz, and Madden dives into every facet of your spouse’s accounts to create an educated order. We generate a total view of your financial situation prior to divorce to help you obtain stability in retirement.

What goes into creating a QDRO?

Drafting a QDRO requires the same dedication as the IRS spends when looking at existing accounts. The court expects a dollar amount in present day value that you would expect at retirement. We use tracing and actuarial estimation to form the ultimate view of communal property.

This information goes into the order we send to the judge assigned to your case. It is important to use a fine-toothed comb to ensure that the information presented is not refuted by the other party. Even minor issues can result in uncertainty surrounding your future.

Which details are included in the QDRO?

There is no need to be concerned about your privacy, but you still need to provide a sophisticated overview of your finances. Dollar values, contributions, and beneficiaries all go into determining the percentage you receive as the alternate payee.

An updated address and your legal name are necessary as well. Even if a divorce is bitter, your financial stability is more important than animosity. You may use your maiden name if it is your legal name. If your living situation is tenuous, try setting up a PO Box before contacting us.

Qualified QDRO Drafting in California

QDRO drafting is an important part of a divorce. The qualified domestic order guarantees peace of mind in retirement. When crafted incorrectly, they will most likely fail to find approval.

Do not let your communal property fall by the wayside. Get in touch with our team at Moon, Schwartz, and Madden today. Give us a call at (925) 258-7100.



QDRO Drafting