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u WHAT'S rent a ticket?

Rent a Ticket is a Flight Ticket Rental Service. We provide you with international flight tickets (travel itineraries) with your name on them to use as proof of onward travel plans when you travel abroad.

Why is that necessary? In our own experience, we faced the problem that in many countries around the world, immigrations have very strict rules. You will not be allowed to enter as a tourist without proof of onward travel.  Without a testimonial, that you going to leave the country within a required time, immigration in certain countries will reject your entry. And that is exactly where our service comes into play. We provide you with the proof of an onward flight, without the hassle of paying for expensive airfares upfront. You simply “rent” the ticket for a small fee.



If you are travelling around the world and you want to stay flexible with your travelling route, you mostly cannot provide an onward flight out of the country at the immigration within the timeframe of your tourist visa. But, by entering a lot of countries that is exactly what you need to provide! Without the onward ticket as proof, you could be denied permission to board your flight or cross the country’s border! To preserve you from these problems, or be forced to book an expensive ticket, that you might not use, we invented our service.



By renting a ticket for this purpose, you need to provide us with your title, full name, date of your desired onward flight, and of course your departure country. The arrival country is optional; leave it blank and we’ll select a random one for you (recommended).

After an order is made, and you passed through the check out process with PayPal, you come back to our page, where you typed in your data. There you find the downoad-link. After downloading the sheet, you can put in your preferred data and print it out this as a formal ticket. If you save your file as a PDF-file, you can use it on your mobile as any other ticket. Sounds very easy? It is very easy and makes your travelling much smarter and less challenging!




With our service you rent a ticket you show the immigration by entering a country that you are willing and able to leave the country within the validity of the tourist visa.  That is our service for you! It works as a reservation. We provide a "look a like ticket" that works at all immigrations, we have a lot of testimonials!



u FAQ / find your answers

Can I have a refund?

Read our refund policy to see if you are eligible to request a refund. If you are, contact us for that.

My name doesn’t look correct. Why?

Please be advised that some airlines display names on tickets with this format: FirstNameMiddleNameTitle [space] LastName. For example, if your name is "Mr John William Smith", it may display as "JohnWilliamMr Smith", and it's totally legitimate.

I’ve made a booking, can I request a name change?

No. If your booking has been processed and ticket has been sent to you, you cannot request for a name change. Make sure you type your name correctly when booking.

Why don’t you use the arrival country I request?

Sometimes, we are unable to find an available flight with the route you request with our airlines, or the ticket is too expensive for us to pay for, we will then have to change the destination of your ticket. For example, if you request a ticket from Indonesia to France and our airlines don't operate that route, we will book a ticket from Indonesia to Thailand for you instead, and it still gives you a valid proof of onward travel. Please contact us in advance if the destination of your ticket has to be correct.

Where did you send my ticket to?

After your payment is done, you go back to our page here, exactly, where you put in your data in the form. Now, a download link appears. You can download you ticket sheet as an .xls document, put in your preferred data and print it out or save it as a pdf in your mobile! Very convenient.

How long does it take to receive my ticket?

Booking process is done manually by our ticket staff. After you make a booking, your order will be put into a sequence to be processed. Normally it would take as long as two hours and as fast as five minutes if your booking is made within our ticket office hours (8AM to 9PM UTC+7). Our ticket office is open everyday. We have the service available 24/7 for bookings made with ReceiveLater option selected.

Why should not purchase a refundable ticket?

Purchasing refundable tickets to use as "temporary" onward tickets used to be a well known trick of travelers, but why shouldn't you do that anymore? Here are some reasons:

  1. It's time consuming to find a refundable ticket.
  2. You have to pay off a large amount of money for the ticket and that money will be held until it's completely refunded.
  3. It's NEVER free. When you pay for the ticket, the payment gateway that the airline/agency uses will charge either you or the airline/agency a fee for the transaction. If it charges you, you will lose some money instantly. If it charges the airline/agency, they will deduct that fee to the amount you paid before sending the refund to you. Plus, when a refund is made, another transaction fee is added. Yet, your bank charges too. They also charge for transaction fees, and if you didn't pay for the ticket in your currency, they will charge an extra fee for the currency conversation at an unfair exchange rate.
  4. It's risky. If you don't remember to cancel, you can't contact to cancel, or you are on a long haul flight and cannot cancel your ticket before the 24 hour period ends, you will lose the money you paid for that ticket.
  5. It's yet again time consuming to cancel the ticket and wait for the refund. It could take months for a refund to be issued.

Apparently, it gives you more hassles but still costs you. FlyOnward is made to help you save your money, your time, and to free all the hassles, all the risks, to let you enjoy your trip.

When is an onward ticket required?

An onward ticket can be required, based on the countries' entry requirements (which may or may not include the onward ticket). Many countries insist a flight ticket be held out from their country, which must be presented upon arrival at immigration. They set this requirement, so that if travelers run out of money, the country is certain that the traveler will depart. In the past, travelers would remain in a country supporting themselves by illicit employment. Without an onward ticket, a traveler may be refused entry to these countries and subsequently placed on the next plane for the destination from where he arrived. Source: Wikipedia

What is an onward ticket?

An onward ticket is a proof of a booked train or airline ticket originating from the country about to be entered. An onward ticket reflects any of these:

  • a round-trip airline ticket
  • an airline or train ticket from one country to another
  • a one-way airline ticket to a country with an onward ticket requirement as a stop-over

Source: Wikipedia

What if I don’t have a Paypal account to pay?

This website uses Paypal to process payments. In case you don't have a Paypal account, you can use your credit/debit card to pay without the need of opening an account, as Paypal allows that. Under Paypal login form in payment page, select "Pay with a credit or debit card".

When should I book my ticket?
  • Your rental time will start as soon as you receive your ticket, and end after that 24 or 48 hours depending on your selected rental option. Therefore, you should consider to not book it too early to not have your ticket expired before you actually need to use it.
  • It usually takes us from 5 minutes to 3 hours to deliver a ticket, therefore, you should not book your ticket too late. Don't wait until you're asked to show an onward ticket to book it. Always have it booked and delivered before you leave for the airport.
  • We process bookings in our normal office hours from 8AM - 9PM GMT+7. Therefore, you should make your booking within our office hours to avoid delays.
  • If it's too difficult for you to decide when to book it, you should make your booking NOW and select the option "I want to receive my ticket later. (No delays, served 24/7)". It will allow you to set up a schedule for us to deliver the ticket to you and start the rent at any time of your choice.

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